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Ken’s practice is experienced in the use of state of the art 3D computer technology NobelGuide™ which allows us to place implants without the need for conventional surgery. This technological advance allows the patient to leave the chair with dental implants and permanent or temporary crowns and bridges replacements after a short one-hour, non-traumatic procedure. Teeth-in-an-hour is the perfect solution for people that have no teeth (or will have the teeth removed) in either top jaw, bottom jaw, or both jaws.

This can be combined with the All-on-4 concept, a new alternative allowing us to anchor a fixed bridge with fewer implants than normally used.  Just like Teeth-in-an-hour, the All-on-4 implants can be immediately loaded and the fixed provisional bridge is completed on the same day! All-on-Four allows many more patients with poorer bone levels to have the option of fixed permanent teeth, quickly, and with significant cost reductions.


from £8500 per jaw.

Smile with herb All on 4